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Whether for DIY enthusiasts or tradesmen, whether at home, for the office or when travelling: Bad moods are guaranteed if the appropriate tool is not at hand. That is not the case when equipped with the everyday heroes - Schmoozies® tools. The cute plush brush already unfolds its irresistible charm at the first glance and his smile wipes away all small and major irritations in a flash. When it comes down to cleanliness, the small, soft worry stone displays excellent qualities: Its microfibre underside is ideal for cleaning flat surfaces, such as mobile phone displays or screens for instance. The items are customised with a promotional label attached to the underside of the product.



Artikelnummer 60793
Merk MBW
Gewicht 23 g
Materiaal material: polyester_x000D_ underside: microfiber_x000D_ filling: polyester fibers_x000D_ inside: PET pellets in tissue bags
Kleur brown
Afmeting length: 16 cm_x000D_ width: 6,50 cm_x000D_ height: 2,50 cm

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